Belgian Legends series



A cruel giant Antigoon and poor sailors. Those who don’t pay up, are not allowed to cross the Schelde. Until the giant is slain by the soldier Brabo who cuts off the giants’ hand and tosses it into the river. An Antwerp legend just as intense as the it’s beer: full initial notes with a soft-bitter finish. Antigoon is a specialty beer from the Belgian Legends series of the The Musketeers brewery: talking beer.

Antigoon is a clear, golden beer with a creamy foam head of very fine bubbles. The aroma is pleasantly light-fruity with notes of apple, citrus and flowers and a slightly herbal spiciness. The medium-sweet full mouthfeel is balanced nicely giving a round long-lasting taste while some fruity and spicy notes emerge, ending in a soft-bitter aftertaste.


All the flavors are very well balanced and fade slowly after the last sip.


Antigoon is a beer of high fermentation with an alcohol content of 7% alc. by vol. Therefore we call it a “double blonde”.

When we’re on holiday, we will always look for the best local beer. Throughout the years we have collected quite the selection! Still I keep coming back home to the same beer: Antigoon remains my favourite to have at the pub. And it seems to be catching on: half of our group of friends will now also order an Antigoon!

Brewers talking

Did you know that our Antigoon is really appreciated by younger beer lovers? Apparently, this has to do with the slightly sweet and full malty taste. With Antigoon, we wanted to go against the trend of dry beers – a beer that tastes sweet but ends on a more bitter note. Contrary to the legend, our Antigoon is the friend of many beer lovers!


Double blonde – Alc. 7% by vol.


15 EBC – Clear golden blonde with a creamy head


35 IBU – Full-bodied flavour, slightly malty, mild sweet tart followed by an aromatic note and a sort-bitter finish


Available on draught (20l) and bottled (33cl) at specialized liquor stores, selected bars and restaurants and in the Delhaize supermarkets

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