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Run through a field of wheat WIPA | Bucketlist Series N° 1

The brewers of The Musketeers Brewery like to challenge themselves. They love high-quality beers that make people talk. Awaiting the opening of the new brewery in Sint-Gillis-Waas at the end of 2018, The Musketeers presents a brand new series in its range. The Bucketlist Series is a series of beers that are strikingly different: limited in editions, crafty in taste and at the same time very well conceived, as you are used to of The Musketeers. The series forms the personal bucketlist of the brewers, with which they want to treat the beerlover a surprising taste experience.

Run Through A Field Of Wheat is a hoppy wheat IPA. The beer is slightly cloudy, pale blond and has an alcohol percentage of 6%. The typical full taste of wheat beers is combined with a mild bitterness of 35 IBU. The aroma is spicy / hoppy due to the combination of the typical wheat flavour and the floral citrus character of the hops that are used.

For me, Run Through A Field Of Wheat is the proof that a wheat beer doesn’t always have to be a typical white beer! An ideal beer after a jogging session, whether or not through a wheat field...

Brewers talking

We are always into something hoppy, preferably in an unexpected combination. Run Through A Field Of Wheat makes that original link: floral and citrus-like, and at the same time also the wheat that is strongly present.


Wheat IPA – Alc. 6% by vol.


10 EBC – Pale blond cloudy


35 IBU – Spicy / hoppy


Available in the specialized liquor stores and selected bars and restaurants.

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