The Musketeers Brewery launches 2017 Magma Special Edition: Hop Twist

In 2017 Troubadour Magma gets a special twist

Troubadour Magma Hop twist label

Troubadour Magma “Hop Twist”

Each year The Musketeers Brewery releases a special one-time edition of the Troubadour Magma beer. The brewers achieve these creations by changing up one part of the brewing recipe, but maintaining the solid base of flavours of the original recipe.


In previous editions, the brewers varied the types of hops used and some unique combinations of yeast, but this time they went for a different approach. For the 2017 Special Edition the brewers played around with the amount of the ingredients. By changing the quantity of malts and hops, they have given the Troubadour Magma a special twist: lighter and more bitter, creating a beautiful IPA.



The taste

Troubadour Magma Hop Twist is a true IPA with an alcohol percentage of 7%. The typical and well-known Troubadour Magma aroma of citrus, exotic fruits, mango and hops is still very present. The flavour is mildly fruity and spicy with a hint of caramel. The bitter character shines through quickly. The dry and bitter-hoppy finish lingers for a while after you’ve taken the last sip. A true explosion of flavours!


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