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Olifant Jack's Precious IPA

Jack’s Precious IPA

In 1904, the Ghent Zoo had to close and Jack the Asian elephant was sold to Siske, a so called ‘gistmarchand’ or yeast-trader. He tried to sell the elephant in England, but that plan failed and the poor animal ended up in a Dutch sausage factory.


Whether or not Jack was actually reduced to sausages, remains unclear. What is clear, is that the legend of Jack has inspired great conversations throughout the decades. And that is exactly what the new bitter India Pale Ale of The Musketeers brewery wants to aspire: talking beer.

Jack’s Precious IPA is a distinctive India Pale Ale: a refreshing and easily drinkable specialty beer with 5.9%. Jack’s Precious IPA is reminiscent of a floral bouquet with a citrus accent. The beer boasts a smooth, fruity and creamy taste, while the floral and spicy hop bitterness is by no means overpowering. Jack’s Precious IPA is pale in colour, with a snow-white head lingering like a silken fringe once savoured.


The flavours of Jack’s Precious IPA were developed with the team of the Gollem specialty beer pubs in Amsterdam and Antwerp, pioneers in introducing the Dutch to Belgian specialty beers. Gollem’s Precious IPA was offered exclusively by the Gollem beer cafes for 2 years, where it has had and still holds the title of ‘IPA of the house’. Make sure to pay them a visit!

I’m always looking for new possibilities. Every weekend I come up with a DIY-activity. We build things in our yard, we make our own bike-powered juicer,… I like to bring out the creative side of everyone in the family. Occasionally we like to go on culinary adventures: each in turn we pick a café or restaurant. Everything goes on one condition: we have to try something new every time. The only thing that stays constant is my favourite Jack’s Precious IPA: it is the perfect fit for any situation.

Brewers talking

With our Jack’s Precious IPA, we wanted to create a beer that’s full of flavour, but at the same time with an alcohol percentage below 6%. And we’re very proud of the result: due to the bitter flavours this IPA is a perfect thirst quencher, and because of the low alcohol it’s the perfect beer to enjoy on a sunny afternoon.


Indian Pale Ale – Alc. 5,9% by vol.


20 EBC – Pale in colour, with a snow-white head


50 IBU – fruity and creamy taste, with a subtle bitterness


Available in barrel (20l) and in bottles (33cl) in the selected bars and restaurants.

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