Troubadour series

Troubadour Blond

Troubadour Blond is a full-bodied beer to enjoy at the bar with your best friends. It is a refreshing beer with a hoppy and aromatic fragrance. The beer has mild malt flavours with a mild bitterness and soft finish. This typical taste makes the smooth Troubadour Blond a great beer to have in all seasons.

A Troubadour Blond on a Friday night after training: that’s my favourite moment of the week. We catch up and have a laugh at the bar of our cafeteria. Sometimes I’ll help out behind the bar, having fun while serving my favourite beer to our members.

Brewers talking

Our Troubadour Blond was an instant hit as soon as it was launched. We wanted to make a smooth refreshing Belgian blond beer, but with a typical Musketeers twist: malty sweet, with a light hop bitterness and subtly seasoned. Our gold medal at the World Beer Cup in 2010 was a nice recognition for our unique blond beer.


Blonde – Alc. 6.5% by vol.


14 EBC – Blonde


30 IBU – Very refreshing with a fruity and hoppy aromatic fragrance, mildly bitter


Available in selected bars and restaurants, specialized liquor stores and Carrefour supermarkets

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