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Troubadour Magma

The amber-coloured specialty beer Troubadour Magma has the aromatic and hoppy-bitter character of an American Indian Pale Ale, but is softened by the fruitiness of a Belgian Tripel. Enthusiasts appreciate the explosion of fruity scents from dry hopping. Perfect to enjoy on a night out during a sunny spring or autumn day.

Now and then I like to indulge. But not too much and not without a good reason. And a Troubadour Magma is a great excuse. My mates and I like to go out and look for the up and coming bars in town. And if they serve Magma, we’ll return for sure. If they don’t, we’ll end the night by opening up one at home.

Brewers talking

Our Troubadour Magma is our showpiece that bowls everyone over. It is a fruity Belgian triple with the bitterness of an IPA, and an explosive aroma of exotic fruit. A match made in heaven, in summer and winter alike. Our Magma is a real beer that is making a name for itself!


Belgian Tripel IPA – Alc. 9% by vol.


35 EBC – Orange and coper with a white head


45 IBU – Aromatic, bitter, slightly sweet


Available at specialized liquor stores, selected bars and restaurants and Carrefour supermarkets

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