Troubadour series

Troubadour Magma Maris Otter

Troubadour Maris Otter glas en fles
Alc. VOL 9% EBC 35 IBU 45 STAMWORT 20 Plato

Troubadour Magma ‘Maris Otter’ is the Special Edition of 2016 of the famous Troubadour Magma. The colour of Troubadour Magma “Maris Otter ‘is deep blonde with a solid foam collar. The beer with 9% alc V/V, a bitterness of 45 IBU and colour of 35 EBC. The typical fruity aromas of citrus, exotic fruit, mango and hops that Troubadour Magma is known for, widely remains. The taste is slightly fruity, soft with spicy and floral notes, not complex, but refreshing nonetheless malty. The dry and bitter aftertaste lingers.

Where to buy Troubadour Magma ‘Maris Otter’?

You can find Troubadour Magma ‘Maris Otter’ in the specialized liquor stores and selected bars and restaurants.

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