Troubadour series

Troubadour Westkust

Troubadour Westkust is a dark, almost black tasting beer with notes of hop, roasted malt, coffee and subtle hints of chocolate and vanilla. The taste is a balance between roasted malt and coffee followed by a strong but pleasant bitterness that slowly becomes more persistent and creates a long hoppy aftertaste. Troubadour Westkust is an excellent choice to end a culinary evening.

I love good food. Nothing is as fun as cooking at home or enjoying a nice meal out at a restaurant. My girlfriend says I go out to eat too much and thinks I am living the ‘bon vivant’ lifestyle. And I can’t say she’s wrong. I’ll never skip dessert and nothing goes as well with that as a delicious Troubadour Westkust. It is the perfect end to a hard day’s work. I’ve earned this!

Brewers talking

We set ourselves a challenge with our Troubadour Westkust: How can we strike the right balance between the characteristics of roasted malt, coffee and vanilla followed by a strong yet pleasant bitterness? People do not expect the long hoppy aftertaste. And every time we hear them say it, we think: “mission accomplished!


Black Imperial IPA – Alc. 8.5% by vol.


100 EBC – Dark, almost black


55 IBU – Roasted malt and coffee, pleasantly bitter


Available at specialized liquor stores and selected bars and restaurants

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