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Amber – Alc. 8,5% by vol.


35 EBC – Amber


40 IBU – Fruity, full-bodied


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quote wit

A special edition of one of my favourite beers, Troubadour Magma. As soon as I poured the beer, I noticed the fruity aromas. A special combination due to the wine yeast!


quote roodWhether 2022 will be a good vintage remains to be seen. What we do know for sure is that an extraordinary special edition of Troubadour Magma has been brewed.

Our brewers tested a whole range of wine yeasts to study the effect on the aroma and taste of the beer and came to surprising results. They found a wine yeast that also converts the sugars in "wort" (the base of beer) and produce wonderfully fruity aromas in the process.

The aroma of this beer is intensely fruity with scents of apricot, apple, grapes, banana, mango and star fruit. The malt character comes with a light touch of caramel and biscuit. The taste is slightly sweet and fruity, tastes soft and full-bodied and here you recognise both the character of Troubadour Magma and new fruity influences. The bitterness is subtly present but in the aftertaste it is not the bitterness but the the fruitiness that lingers.

  • Brewers talking

    quote wit

    During the fermentation of both beer and wine, sugars are converted into alcohol and CO2, whereby the metabolism of the yeast releases many by-products and aromas. The choice of yeast is determined by the type of product: the composition of wort (from which beer is made) is completely different from the composition of must (usually grape juice, from which wine is made). In must, we mainly find short sugars (monosaccharides fructose-sucrose-glucose). In wort, mainly the di- or trisaccharides maltose and maltotriose are present.
    For this reason, specific yeasts are used for beer, which convert these forms better, whereas wine yeasts are selected and developed to ferment the shorter sugars very efficiently.

Troubadour Series

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